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Hi Everyone! My name is Lina Ann and I am a Makeup Lover, Beauty Enthusiast & Lifestyle blogger.  I am 35 years young…I’m a Mother, a Wife, I work full-time, & run a household.  I grew up in Brooklyn, NY which is where I still reside after moving around a bit. I have always been involved in beauty & fashion one way or another. This blog is my way of sharing tips & tricks of the fashion & beauty world, the life with the kids & hubby, and life on the go. I truly believe a genuine smile can make someone’s day & go a long way in this world. Thank you for hopping on to my blog.  Please subscribe via email to receive future posts.


Here is a little about me…

What is my favorite color? Black…Always has been and always will be. If you can’t tell already. 

What is my favorite food? I have to pay homage to Spanish food…Mmm love me some Arroz con salchichas y maíz, tostones & pollo. I’m Boricua so of course lol

What is my favorite animal? I love all animals, I am truly a huge animal lover. I wish I could save all the animals being staved, tortured and euthanized. But my favorite would have to be my dog.  She is a 5 year young Toy Yorkie with all the sweet & spice that comes in little dogs.

What’s your philosophy in life? Live & Let Live.  I feel like people are in other peoples business way too much. If it doesn’t directly affect you & yours then IT DOESN’T MATTER. 

What is my favorite piece of clothing? Right now, I’d have to say my black Cardigan. It’s been keeping me warm this season and it goes with any outfit.

What is my hobby/favorite activity? Makeup, Blogging, curling up with a good Book & Wine. I’m an introvert, so sue me.

If I won a lot of money what would be the first thing I’d buy? I’d buy my dream house, distribute an amount between family members, donate to Animal Rescues & Global Warming causes and save/invest the rest.

What is my favorite book/author? So, I’ve been reading a book series since I was in High School, I have all the books and I’m completely obsessed. Laurell K. Hamilton the “Anita Blake” series. I do not recommend these books to the young. But, for anyone who loves vampire/werewolves/witches/mythical creatures I definitely recommend Laurell K. Hamilton. Currently there are 28 books in the series and I have them all.

What is my favorite movie? It’s a little silly to say but I don’t care. It’s my favorite childhood movie which I still have to this day on VHS, DVD and downloaded. “Labyrinth” by Jim Henson.

What is my favorite Holiday? Thanksgiving, in my family it’s one of the major holidays that majority of my family gets together. We cook together, say what we are thankful for, eat and socialize. I love seeing all my family together in one place. It’s pure love!

Who is my favorite artist/singer? Hands down, “The Weeknd” since before he even got famous.

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Thank you for reading.





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