Welcome to BeatFace LifeStyle! In this blog, I am going to take you through some tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way that I wish I knew when I started.

I have always been a makeup lover/enthusiast. When I first started out, I would buy the drug store and cheaper brands just like most do. I still do! Which if you’re new to this is fine or if you can’t afford higher-end brands. Everyone in the industry started out with the cheaper or drug store items.

These type of brands are…,, & BHcosmetics, etc.

But, if you want to grow your collection & explore different products without having to pay the crushing prices then keep reading.

Over the years I have subscribed to multiple Box Subscriptions. Boxy Charm is by far my favorite. It’s a monthly subscription box that gives you 5-6 full sized items. Each box is $21.00 per month but has a retail value of over $125.00. The box contains different items each month. They range in the beauty tools, cosmetics, and skin care departments. It’s really cool and most of the products are high-end products. I’ve received items from Tarte Cosmetics, Becca Cosmetics, Ofra Cosmetics, Cover FX, Artist Couture, Dr. Brandt, MAC Cosmetics, Makeup Geek and so many more. They now have the new Boxy Luxe. This is a bigger seasonal box with more items for an extra $28.99 every 3 months. Boxy luxe is valued at over $275. So both are a box that is soooo worth the price compared to these other subscriptions that only give you samples of products. I highly recommend Boxy Charm. It is such an easy way to grow your collection. I have a code you can use when signing up. Although there may be a waitlist it’s not very long at all.

Live Glam is also a monthly subscription box you can get either 3-8 Makeup Brushes, 3 Liquid Lipsticks or a Bi-monthly 6 Eyeshadow Palette, or you can do all three. Each of these subscriptions is $19.99 a month and in my opinion all worth it. The brush subscription is awesome because who wants to spend $50-$200 for a brush set when you are just starting out? They are great quality, along with the liquid lipsticks and shadow palettes. Here is the site for signing up.

This way you get a great surprise in your mailbox every month. And, who doesn’t like coming home to a surprise just for you? Am I right ladies?

Other subscriptions like ipsy offer you a chace to sample products before buying at a low monthly cost.

I also like to shop websites like where you get more for your money. Colourpop’s price tag is so appealing and you can’t go wrong with the quality of the makeup. Pigments galore!

I hope you found this blog helpful & resourceful. I love blogging and sharing everything I’ve learned with you ladies.

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